Guru Purnima, Offering our Gratitude and Achievements

This year it is celebrated on the 16th. of July 2019.
This day is dedicated to give thanks and appreciation to our Vedic Master Guru Dev. This is seen to be the start of the New Year in the Vedic calendar. It is said to be a highly auspicious day. Maharishi says: Performing a Puja to Guru Dev on that day is equal to making every day a Puja the whole of the year!!!
“Glory to the lotus feet of Shri Guru Dev, for us the light of the Holy Tradition”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi –

“There can be no greater knowledge than enjoying the waves of bliss, and through the mechanics of enjoying the waves of bliss, engaging the government of Nature to work for us, and spontaneously purifying the environment around us. It’s a very beautiful technique we have developed, and all glory goes to the Vedic Masters of our great eternal tradition.”
—Maharishi Inaugural address to the Group for a Government Assembly June 1993

Guru Purnima is that cherished time in the year when the full moon represents the fullness of the supreme knowledge that we have received from Maharishi, Guru Dev, and the Vedic Tradition of Masters. This eternal Tradition has blessed us with the experience of the infinite value of consciousness within, the knowledge of the mechanics of growth to enlightenment, and practical programs to raise every area of life to perfection. At this auspicious time, with overflowing hearts, we offer our profound gratitude to the source of this highest knowledge. And we offer our current plans and achievements towards fulfilling the great goal of creating Heaven on Earth.

Honouring the Teacher
This day is to show appreciation to our Master who we are grateful for. For giving us profound knowledge and blessings. We must be highly grateful for our Guru for transforming our lives for the better and allowing us to move forward on the path of highest enlightenment.

Meeting with old friends making new friends
This is not only a time to reflect on one’s teaching but also celebrate at MERU Vlodrop, Holland – where Maharishi has lived for 18 years – in the form of meeting with old friends, making new friends and to share together the gratitude we feel to our Guru, Guru Dev. And to feel unified in the transcendent for our whole world family in the world at this particular time.

“And the world will be eternally set on an invincible, unified state of all the diversified cultures and physical divisions of the world.”
– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Nâ Guroradhikam tattvam
Nâ Guroradhikam tapah
Nâ Guroradhikam jnaanam
Tasmai Shri Gurave namah.

There is nothing greater than the Guru
There is nothing greater than to serve Him
There is nothing greater than His Knowledge
That is why I do bow down to His Lotusfeet 
again & again.

Jai Guru Dev

Ian G. Thijm, TM leraar

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