It’s An End Of An Era As After Nearly 50 Years, Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Ends Service In The US

Boeing 747 aka ‘Queen of the skies’, flew its final flight with an American carrier Delta recently. Though, it will not be seen anymore, it has a story behind it.

On February 9, 1969, the first Boeing 747 lifted off from the company’s production facility in Everett and in 1970 it flew its first commercial flight.

The 747 was the first wide body passenger aircraft ever produced and was almost 150 per cent larger than the largest aircraft 707. The four-engine Jumbo Jet could be easily identified with that distinct ‘hump’ which made it famous and attractive.

The hump was used  to put extra seating or extra cargo space when needed.  Boeing had in mind that demand for 747 would saturate at 400 units as it had announced the development of supersonic airlines. The company had thought that once the supersonic airliners are out, 747 will be shifted to cargo services.

But the hyped supersonic airliners couldn’t get success even remotely close to 747 and therefore the company kept on producing 747 for commercial purposes. Beating its critics, 747 crossed the 1000 mark in 1993 and till date 1,536 aircrafts have been built with units operating in airlines around the world.

Bron: IndiaTimes

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