“Spread the message of spirituality; of Divinity in everyone” 

“Spread the message of spirituality; of Divinity in everyone; the message of non-violence; the message of action and reaction – and let as many people know.” 

When you kill animals for selfish pursuits, they graduate to another birth and become humans quickly. They must make the person who has made them suffer reap the consequences of such an action. The one who has made them suffer has to suffer in return. Therefore, these animals which were slaughtered, quickly attain human birth in order to repay the sufferings they incurred. Though they become human beings by body, their instincts are still animal. Instead of having divine qualities like love, compassion, patience, forbearance, they have the animal qualities of fear, anger, punishment and violence. So, there is no surprise in you knowing about mothers who are mothers only by body, but not in their hearts. They, like animals, have only given birth to a body, but not to a child. One reason for a continuous fall in the quality of human beings today is the reincarnation of animals as human beings, which is happening at a very rapid pace. If you carefully analyse, the cycle goes like this: human beings kill animals for food, the animals become human and the animals start killing both animals and humans, due to selfishness. This cycle becomes larger and larger as time passes, because it fulfills itself, through action and reaction. The more animals slaughtered, the more bad human beings are born; more animals slaughtered again, more bad human beings born and this goes on and on. Such mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters – who have no sense of dharma – are born and also live along with others. They still have much of their animal nature within them.

However, nature has its own law of justice. When it is tremendously burdened by such sin and atrocities, it finds its way, through natural calamities, to bring justice to earth. More animals slaughtered, more bad human beings born, more evil in society, natural calamities – all these are related to one another; they are not different. The right way of completely putting an end to such a cycle is only when man realises that his true goal is Divinity, and nothing else, and so he should behave in accordance with his true nature. Therefore, the real solution to these problems today is spirituality. You may express compassion, you may seek justice or you may even invoke the law of the land – but, all these are only temporary solutions. When man realises that the Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation will not leave him – they will pursue him till the end of the world – then he will restrain from doing these actions. Also, when he realises that his true nature is Divine, he will truly be redeemed from such actions.

Rather than just singing songs or spreading the message about animal violence or such kinds of trades, spread a word on spirituality. The right message to spread is, “Your nature is Divine. Live according to that nature, else you have to reap the reactions of your actions.” Do this! Spread the message of spirituality; of Divinity in everyone; the message of non-violence; the message of action and reaction – and let as many people know. I know it is a big job, but believe in the justice of nature, too. It will also take care of the problems, in its own way. Spread the word not to kill the animals outside, but the animals within. Take a step forward. However, all the problems of the world have only one solution: to believe in spirituality, believe in one’s nature, which is Divine, and live in accordance to that. I depend on the right kind of education in a big way to change the thinking of the next generation. It is all the more necessary now to bring spirituality to education, because that alone can solve the problems of tomorrow. No morality will uphold for long without its fundamental basis of spirituality.

~ Sai Baba in Japan, 20th March, 2016.

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